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Train My Generation

About Us

Train My Generation is a volunteer community organization focused on bringing essential infrastructure, expertise, and resources to the islands of Mfangano, Lake Victoria.

Located in Kenyan waters, the islands host about 26,000 inhabitants who rely on fishing as their main economic activity.

As is typical of most communities living in the Lake Victoria Basin, the Mfangano islands face increasing threats to their livelihood. These range from the declining environmental health of the lake and collapsing fish stocks, to deforestation, and poor healthcare and sanitation. HIV has also ravaged the Mfangano community,  with rates of up to 50%, making Mangano one of the highest HIV-infected regions on the continent.

The islands are remote and hard to reach for many basic services. The islanders, however, are resilient and innovative, with ambitions to address the challenges through community involvement and partnership with NGOs and local government.  Mfangano is a jewel of Lake Victoria

Help us to Train our Generation!

Key Initiatives 

HIV & Women's Health: - We are supporting the opening of a dedicated HIV clinic on the island, training and employing 20+ local community women to provide daily care and advice needs.  Alongside this, we are partnering to provide critical period health training and products to the island's women and girls. 

Environmental Regeneration: - We are collecting and distributing 1000 seedlings and promoting trees for schools and churches to plant and nurture on their land; providing the youth with responsibilities and future generations with the shade they will need.  We are also looking to help the fishing community protect and regenerate key fish breeding grounds and increase Lake Victoria's fish stocks.

Community Micro-Finance:- We are seeking finance partners to help provide local table banking groups with micro-funds to support women's trade in local products and services.

Vocational Training Mentorship:- We are working with a local tertiary college to provide pupils with courses to help them start their own local trade businesses.  We have welcomed 53 new students this term alone! We are also providing mentoring sessions for pupils at the island's secondary schools.

Solar Power: - In order to support the introduction of new industries and support the launch of new SMEs, we are looking for a partner to introduce solar power off-grid infrastructure.


Funding And Partnership Opportunities

If you work in any of the areas we have outlined, please get in touch.

Contibutions via Go Fund Me will ensure the team can spend all their time liaising with the community and partners, covering basic living costs and enabling them to feed their families. Our Finance Trustee will oversee all spending and report through our quarterly statements.


About Us

Vincent - Co-founder and Project Director

Cliff - Co-founder and Finance Director

Mark - Co-founder and Partnerships Advisor

Sidney - Conservation Projects Officer

James - Communications Officer 

Immaculate - Project Officer

Clive - Communications Officer

Vendelah - Project Officer

Cynthia - Project Officer

Syvia - Clinical Officer

Masela - Nursing Officer

Ida - Administrative Assistant

Wycliffe - Island Community Mobiliser

John - UK Community Coordinator



+44 7967 335318



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